Gisva Lee, Sexy Hot Model In My Room POPULAR No.338 Maret 2016

Gisva Lee Model Sexy Hot POPULAR No.338 Maret 2016
POPULAR, Every Man Needs a Break
Gisva Lee "Eat, Drink, Play." POPULAR ED.338
Popular is Indonesia-based men's magazine devoted to entertainment, night life, and features photographs of beautiful and sexy women. It was founded in Jakarta in 1988 and has acclaimed as the first men's magazine in Indonesia.

Gisva Lee Model Sexy Hot POPULAR No.338 Maret 2016 Gisva Lee, Dangerously Delicious |

"Gisva Lee, Dangerously Delicious"
In My Room POPULAR Magazine 338 - Maret 2016
Gisva Lee, Sexy Hot In My Room POPULAR ED.338
 POPULAR-World Magazine 338 "Eat, Drink, Play."- Maret 2016
Gisva Lee baginya, menjadi seseorang yang berani tampil beda merupakan hal yang seksi. Seperti apa sosok Gisva Lee? Mari kita intip bersama.

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